Sunday, September 16, 2018

Musical Equipment for Sale - This is Precious Roy and I just ate a handful of honey bees!

Somewhere on the spectrum between dilettante and Jack-of-all-trades is a little arrow pointing at me and blinking "you are here". I've spent some time pushing that arrow towards the latter, but I've got a lot of interests, and I've done a lot of things, and ultimately where my recreational activities are concerned, I'm still more of a generalist than any sort of specialist.

Of my various undertakings, music has been the most persistent, although there have been some long lapses. One of the things that I've learned over the past 30+ years of my life as an on-again-off-again musician is that it's better to have as single reliable instrument that you do use than a bunch of fancy ones that you don't use. Towards that end, I'm working on UNHOARDING a couple of decades of packed-away random musical equipment so that I can focus on just a few that I can keep in a more accessible fashion.

I'm selling my stuff.

What kind of stuff? All kinds. So far, a drum machine, a vintage guitar pedal, some rack-mount recording equipment, some odds & ends.

Prices aren't final. If you're in the Baltimore/Washington area, I'll knock a few bucks off of anything that I can hand-deliver.

Help me make room for less stuff.

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